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Amps and Effects: Putting It All Together

So, let’s say that you have a decent tube amp that’s the perfect size for your regular gig, and a great set of pedals to put into a board. What’s the next step? Unfortunately, there are many ‘wrong’ ways to

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Amplification Part 5: Sound Reinforcement For Guitar Amps

As has been touched upon in my previous articles on guitar amplification, different powered amps will naturally break up and clip into overdrive at different volumes, and each overdrive will sound different as a result. Personally, I am a fan

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Amplification Part 4: Choosing the Right Tubes

If you have read any of the previous articles from my amplifier series you will have noticed that I am particularly fond of the vintage tone which can be attained from a real valve amplifier. For me, they are the

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Amplification Part 3: Power and Headroom

Hello and welcome to part four of my guide about all things amp! So far we have looked at the main differences between valve and solid state amps, as well as the different stages of guitar amplification. This post will

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